Seal Beach Classic Car and Motorcycle Show


It was a random weekend when one of my friends asked me if I’d like to go to a classic car and motorcycle show that was being held in nearby Seal Beach Continue reading

4th Annual Nissan Jam 3.12.16

DSC_7354 copy

The Annual Nissan Jam is a free event for spectators that is held in Anaheim, CA that drew a really impressive lineup of Japanese automotive history for it’s 4th incarnation. Continue reading

Extreme Dimensions 9th Annual Charity Show pt. 2

DSC_1491 copy

Admittedly, I do not go to car shows nearly enough.  In an effort to center my life around my interests, I began working in the automotive industry in 2010.  Previously, I have worked for CEC Wheels, which really was the catalyst that brought me into the world of tuning. Continue reading

5.9.15 Extreme Dimensions 9th Annual Charity Show pt. 1

DSC_0940 copy

The Extreme Dimensions Annual Charity show is easily one of the best re-occurring free shows in Southern California and I try to make a point to make it every year as there’s always a great variety of cars and entertainment. Continue reading

StanceNation & Showoff Nisei Edition pt.2

DSC_2530 copy

Hey guys, I know it’s been forever since pt.1, but I finally sorted out my issues posting and we are back!  I’ll just let pt.2’s photos speak for themselves…

Continue reading

StanceNation & Showoff Nisei Edition pt.1

DSC_2134 copy

Yes, that was literally the name of the show. It’s goofy and is not a collection of words in an order that make sense to normal human beings. But we’re not normal. We like cars that can barely drive! Continue reading

Spocom Anaheim 2014 pt. 2

DSC_0305 copy

Moving from out in front of the building, we now go inside to the show itself!  The interior of the convention center is freaking HUGE and there were almost too many cars to comprehend.  That, combined with the various stereo systems blaring different dub-step remixes of recent top-20 hits echoing off all the hard surfaces, gave walking through the opening door the impact of an audio-visual punch in the face! Continue reading