1.2.16 Cars and Coffee, O.C. Fairgrounds

DSC_5687 copy

It’s been months since I attended the my last Cars & Coffee meetup, turns out a semester’s worth of design classes doesn’t afford waking up at 5AM every Saturday morning! I finally have some respite this winter break, so what better way to start off the new year than with the car meet that I began everything with? This was my first time at the Fairgrounds version of the meet, and it looks like I chose the less popular meet to attend that day! It was still fun to get out and take some pictures; I got to meet up with some friends of mine that recently purchased the F100 you’ll see in this post, as well as seeing this bitchin’ track-prepped, Spoon-equipped S2000 and a Death-Proof themed street-rod Nova! This coming weekend I plan to check out what the Aliso Viejo meet looks like, as well as a few other potential shows/meets I can squeeze in before my new semester starts at the end of the month!
DSC_5689 copy

DSC_5691 copy
DSC_5698 copy

DSC_5702 copy
DSC_5707 copy

DSC_5716 copy
DSC_5779 copy

DSC_5712 copy
DSC_5725 copy

DSC_5726 copy
DSC_5734 copy

DSC_5746 copy
DSC_5762 copy

DSC_5770 copy
DSC_5776 copy


1.2.16 Cars & Coffee by Max Montague

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