Mooneyes Open House, Summer ’15

DSC_4466 copyMy favorite thing about attending car shows and meets is when I get to see things I’ve never seen before and hoo boy did I get to see a TON of things I’ve never witnessed in person before at the Mooneyes open house over the weekend!  I don’t go to a lot of hot rod shows in my area mostly because I haven’t gone to the trouble to make myself aware of them.  I’m always excited to capture their bodacious curves or crunchy, rusty door panels with the ol’ Nikon, but Cars & Coffee has been my only real exposure to classic American steel.  This ‘open house’ reminded me why I originally loved cars as a kid, they’re loud, they’re stylish, and every single one was completely different; there’s never a problem finding one of these in the Home Depot parking lot! DSC_4485 copy

DSC_4487 copyDSC_4489 copy

Yes, that is the ground you see there just behind the pedals, where the floor generally would be. In a BORING car!
DSC_4494 copy
DSC_4500 copyDSC_4522 copy  “Which bike is yours?” “The one that says… you get it. DSC_4524 copyDSC_4528 copyDSC_4536 copy

The paint on these cars alone was worth the trip, plenty were sporting intricate lace designs paneled across their roof with what looks like HUNDREDS of hours worth of work!

DSC_4546 copyDSC_4561 copyDSC_4589 copyDSC_4604 copy

DSC_4608 copyDSC_4624 copyDSC_4628 copyDSC_4664 copyDSC_4682 copyDSC_4684 copyDSC_4712 copyDSC_4717 copyDSC_4718 copyDSC_4724 copyThis bike. It’s just EVERYTHING you want in an LSD-inspired, 70’s Disco space-chopper, isn’t it?DSC_4746 copyCheck in next time for part 2! Mooneyes Open House by Max Montague DSC_4749 copy

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