My name is Max Montague. I began doing freelance photography in 2010 shortly after purchasing and modifying a Honda Fit of the same year. I have since grown to love the automotive community and have developed a true passion for photography and all things powered by motors and the way we as humans interact with, develop, design, and overall, love them.  I created this website to act as a conduit to share my experiences in the community and to simultaneously motivate myself to develop my skills, but it has become much more than just one of my many side projects of passing interest.

I envisioned creating an automotive brand that stood apart from others in its attitude towards its customers and in its approach to covering current trends and developments in the industry from a passionate, thought-provoking and objective way.  I value honesty, integrity, and ultimately fun, which is want I want HOBBASWAGGLE to be all about.  I want to create a place that can bring people of mutual interest, albeit with differing opinions, together to discuss their interests and share what’s happening in the world of all things with wheels and motors, with a specific focus on the grassroots automotive modification and racing industries.

The main message is: Cars are awesome, let’s all enjoy them, celebrate them, and innovate through them. We need to work together to keep our industry strong, free of imitation products and anything that will weaken our ability to enjoy our automotive passions.

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