StanceNation & Showoff Nisei Edition pt.1

DSC_2134 copy

Yes, that was literally the name of the show. It’s goofy and is not a collection of words in an order that make sense to normal human beings. But we’re not normal. We like cars that can barely drive!

DSC_2141 copy

DSC_2153 copyHonestly, I feel like the show started with a showstopper: Elvis Skender’s sick static LS400 on super deep step-lipped Work VS-XX looking great in every way.

DSC_2167 copy

DSC_2165 copyThough the neo-chrome ITB’s on a classic Celica were pretty impressive as well.

DSC_2220 copy

DSC_2217 copy

If super clean bays and insane ITB setups are your thing, this show is for you.

DSC_2251 copy Tight fitment was plentiful and well-illustrated by the Phaze2 M5 on Leon Hardiritt Ordens

DSC_2258 copy

Ka Wong’s turbo F20C-powered Levin AE86 brings resto-mod perfection to every show.

DSC_2298 copy

It’s great to see Joser Romo’s Audi A3 wagon out and showing again, this car is always one of my favorites to see. This is one of those cars that’s so good it depresses me since I know I’d never be able to build something better.

DSC_2306 copy

DSC_2312 copy

Subaru Forester on Mtechnica Aero with what appears to be an S204 WRX lip. Awesome!

DSC_2320 copy

Mike Vo’s slammed Lexus GS430 freshly wrapped in Sizzurp Purple (probably not the actual name of the color).

DSC_2331 copy

ChinoJeno’s XV40 squeezing fender between Avant Garde F140’s and their tortured rubber. ‘XV40’ sounds way cooler than ‘Camry’ don’t you think?

DSC_2343 copy

Super clean Audi A50 with some non-traditional wheel sizing and ride height.

DSC_2366 copy

Extra Wide 350Z looking good, also on Avant Garde F140’s.

DSC_2401 copy

LS460 from Infinitewerks on their 3-piece LS01 wheel.

DSC_2417 copy

I constantly drool over this Aimgain kitted FR-S on Work Meister S1 3-Piece. Perfect!

DSC_2420 copy

Garage Werks BMW 2002 that was frustratingly the same color as the ground, walls behind it, and the flag he brought haha

DSC_2448 copy

DSC_2447 copy

Ran into Hipsterthrash’s hawkeye WRX once again, thankfully not parked in front of a bathroom this time. Love the sticker.

DSC_2471 copy

DSC_2478 copy

Couple of super-cool Datsun 510’s, not! It’s always fun to overhear the common mistake made when these cars park next to each other, because that smurf blue KE70 Corolla is VERY Different from the Bluebird SSS next to it.

DSC_2510 copy

The ubiquitous #STAYCRUSHING FR-S with newly-added canards wherever they can fit! I love watching the progression of this car and gotten to meet Robert, the owner, a few times and he is a really friendly, cool dude!

DSC_2515 copy

Rounding out part one with this jaw-droppingly pretty GF8 wagon from Project Zero. Back soon with part 2!

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