StanceNation & Showoff Nisei Edition pt.2

DSC_2530 copy

Hey guys, I know it’s been forever since pt.1, but I finally sorted out my issues posting and we are back!  I’ll just let pt.2’s photos speak for themselves…

DSC_2544 copy

DSC_2550 copy

DSC_2558 copy

DSC_2564 copy

DSC_2590 copy

DSC_2623 copy

DSC_2607 copy

DSC_2630 copy

DSC_2644 copy

DSC_2663 copy

DSC_2692 copy

DSC_2701 copy

DSC_2709 copy

DSC_2711 copy

DSC_2722 copy

DSC_2740 copy

DSC_2761 copy

DSC_2768 copy

DSC_2793 copy

DSC_2809 copy

DSC_2833 copy

DSC_2848 copy

DSC_2859 copy

DSC_2879 copy

DSC_2906 copy

DSC_2945 copy

DSC_2962 copy

DSC_2990 copy

DSC_3002 copy

DSC_3012 copy

DSC_3037 copyThanks for looking, be back soon!
Nisei Stance Nation Showoff by Max Montague

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