Snapshots: KE70 Corolla

DSC_6075 copy
I only spent an hour or so at The Chronicles: Year Six, but damn if it isn’t consistently my favorite meet of every year. Of everything I saw this Corolla was probably my favorite and I could (should) have spent my entire time at the meet with it. These are the few shots I got of it, and all I can really tell you is that it appears to be on Hoshino G5’s. Hopefully I’ll spot it and get to meet the owner sometime soon to learn more… such a cool car!
DSC_6078 copy
DSC_6080 copy
DSC_6085 copy
DSC_6089 copy
DSC_6389 copy
Back again soon with more coverage from The Chronicles: Year Six
It’ll be worth it.
-Max Montague

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