Extreme Dimensions 9th Annual Charity Show pt. 2

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Admittedly, I do not go to car shows nearly enough.  In an effort to center my life around my interests, I began working in the automotive industry in 2010.  Previously, I have worked for CEC Wheels, which really was the catalyst that brought me into the world of tuning.

Due to my time spent there and in other establishments, I definitely have a soft spot for Euro-tuners. Seeing the amount of work put into these cars is astonishing to say the least.  The passion is REAL.

If you have not driven an Abarth, let me tell you, it’s truly a surprise. They.are.FUN!
Only passion would drive one to put this kind of effort into a Fiat, and boy did it pay off. As a fan of the flared fender movement [more about that coming soon], this build does not disappoint.

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The fender flare has been popularized by the sick, ostentatious designs coming out of Japan. Namely RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB), LibertyWalk and of course Rocket Bunny. I absolutely love seeing blended styles like this.

This Mercedes showcases precisely what I love about the blending of automotive styles. German engineering meeting Japanese ingenuity creates a smorgasbord of ways to go with car builds. To me, this CLK is representative of the audacity of aftermarket tuning, in that it’s a YELLOW MERCEDES CLK WITH A ROCKET BUNNY KIT. I feel like I could write an essay on why that’s so dope..

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More of the goodness..

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I thought this was particularly unique and AWESOME…a Honda Civic on VIP Modular wheels.

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Australia meets Japan..

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But wait! There’s more!

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I recently drove a 2012 Nissan 370Z for the first time about two weeks ago. Not only was this my first time in the 370Z, it was my first time in a Z, ever. I was pleasantly surprise at the level of performance that the bone stock 370Z has and subsequently gained FULL understanding as to why this is the quintessential drift car. The flickering of the traction control light characterizes my experience in it. Thus, I have a new-found appreciation for Z’s..

DSC_1558 copy
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Some other passionate builds..

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Stay tuned!