4th Annual Nissan Jam 3.12.16

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The Annual Nissan Jam is a free event for spectators that is held in Anaheim, CA that drew a really impressive lineup of Japanese automotive history for it’s 4th incarnation. This was my first Nissan Jam, but I definitely have plans to attend future events because of the range and level of cars on display and the friendly atmosphere provided by the park.

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Before heading into the show itself, I took a stroll through the main parking lot to see if any of the attendees brought anything cool. As usual, most of my favorite cars of the day were not even part of the show itself!

DSC_7369 copy

DSC_7373 copy

DSC_7381 copy

DSC_7383 copy

One of many cool non-Nissans parked in the lot was this fully Buddy Club-equipped ‘EG’ Civic. I’ve always had a soft spot for these cars and have always wanted one since I saw them street-racing in high school and I have a personal affinity for Buddy Club products, having owned many of the upgrades they make for my 2nd-gen Fit. This gutted version is the perfect execution in my opinion and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it, I’m in love!

DSC_7389 copy

DSC_7400 copy

Another pair of really cool not-Nissans, these Corollas looked ready for some sideways shenanigans.

DSC_7422 copy

DSC_7439 copy

DSC_7442 copy

DSC_7445 copy

As a California resident all my life, I never expected I was going to see an R34 skyline in person, let alone 20+ in one spot!  The sheer number and quality of these cars was just mind-blowing and the attention to detail from the owners shows their deep love for these once-forbidden chassis.

DSC_7461 copy

This Leopard was one of a few classics showing its inspiration on its sleeve. The high-raked spoiler, tightly-fit SSR Longchamps, and straight out double barrel shotgun exhaust make this thing look like it’d be right at home singing revs on a midnight Japanese highway.

DSC_7470 copy

DSC_7508 copy

DSC_7534 copy

DSC_7553 copy

This 300ZX was getting just what it was built for-stares, photos, and shaking heads!

DSC_7537 copy

DSC_7539 copy

DSC_7543 copy

DSC_7557 copy

DSC_7561 copy

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There were some really cool bagged minitrucks on display as well, including this awesome Peach Datsun with this amazing custom work in the bed.  For me, the wheels really kill this one, but the beauty of the Nissan Jam was that there was a style and vehicle for everyone there.

DSC_7579 copy

DSC_7581 copy

DSC_7584 copy

DSC_7585 copy

This ‘Hako-Tora’ is a show-stopper wherever it goes, and for good reason! Don’t worry, no Skylines were hurt in the process of this build.

DSC_7587 copy

DSC_7599 copy

DSC_7605 copy

DSC_7613 copy

As I headed out, I spotted a few more inspiring rides in the parking lot like this track-ready Supra.

DSC_7630 copy

DSC_7633 copy

DSC_7634 copyA couple more pavement-scrapers to round out what was a nice, cool day for a friendly car meet that brought out some really cool cars from the area that I have not seen before.  I know it’s been a while since I have posted an update on this website, but since finishing school I will have a lot more time to attend meets/shows and create posts like I love to do! More and more events seem to be popping up every week so it doesn’t look like there will be any shortage of potential content in the future!

4th Annual Nissan Jam by Max Montague

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