Cars & Coffee Aliso Viejo 3.26.16

DSC_6879 copy

After another long break from my regular Cars & Coffee attendance (who thought school would require so much homework!) I woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning to drive over to the Aliso Viejo Town Center to see what the latest round of other earlybirds brought to the meet.  While there wasn’t anything too crazy, a V8-powered motorcycle, a few tastefully-modified Japanese imports, and an extremely clean hot rod made the bright 6:47AM sun worth the trip.

DSC_6883 copy

DSC_6888 copy

DSC_6913 copy

DSC_6895 copy

DSC_6898 copy

DSC_6900 copy

DSC_6908 copy

DSC_6914 copy

DSC_6930 copy

DSC_6934 copy

DSC_6936 copy

DSC_6954 copy

DSC_6969 copy

DSC_7067 copy


Cars & Coffee 3.26.16 by Max Montague

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