Spocom Anaheim 2014 pt. 3

DSC_0516 copy

Now for the third and final piece of my Spocom shots that cover the remainder of what was inside the convention center.  I didn’t really focus on the stage or the models that were at the show, which did seem to be a significant portion… but not really the reason I attend these events.  If I wanted to meet some scantily-clad women with fake smiles and fake boobs there’s a really cheap bar down the street, not to mention like 90% of the rest of the internet.  What we’re here to burn our eyeballs on are the sexy curves of cars! Right!? Anyway….
DSC_0521 copy
DSC_0508 copy
5 or 6 stickers away from a completely useless rear window!
DSC_0539 copy

DSC_0537 copy

I definitely was not expecting the interior of this Z to be quite so race-oriented after walking around the rest of the show that was comprised almost entirely of “form over function”
DSC_0551 copy
DSC_0559 copy
DSC_0574 copy


There was bagged goodness as far as the eye could seeDSC_0545 copy

I really like the ride height on this FRS combined with all the aggressive aero.  It makes it look like he actually puts all that sticky tire and rear wing to use!
DSC_0580 copy
DSC_0612 copy

Judging this event must have been quite the logistical feat with the sheer number and variety of vehicles in attendance, especially with the deep knowledge of each individual chassis required to appropriately pick a winner
DSC_0614 copy

This is a good idea of the type of models that were rampant throughout the show.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal of a sexy lady next to a sexy car, but there’s a certain…taste level I think most people like to maintain at something marketed as a ‘family event’ that this may not be in line with.  But let’s not focus on that, instead why don’t we enjoy one of very few Rocket Bunny equipped E36’s on the planet
DSC_0628 copy

I’m sure this was one of the more polarizing cars at the event as well, Itasha-styling seems to be growing in popularity on the internets and is slowly creeping onto the sides of attention-seeking show cars so get ready to start seeing this on the side of your local slammed and dented s13 ‘missle’
DSC_0634 copy
DSC_0662 copy

I’m really a sucker for a simply slammed wagon on Meisters, well done sir.
DSC_0665 copy
DSC_0668 copy
DSC_0674 copy

Love the attention to detail on this LS, especially those LED taillights
DSC_0680 copy
DSC_0690 copy
DSC_0693 copy

Armand with the ever-evolving wheel-lip decor demonstrating his serious amount of stretch on one of my all-time favorite wheels: Blitz Technospeed Z1
DSC_0718 copy
DSC_0702 copy

One of the first cars I saw at the very first car show I shot was this A3 wagon that I immediately fell in love with. The color, the wheels, the flow of the kit with the body, crazy red interior and the hood/hatch/black roof two-tone combo do such a great job of showing off the owner’s taste and make it stand out in the best way
DSC_0708 copy

Let’s just move on, okay? Okay.
DSC_0715 copy

Great job matching the pearl in the paint to the TE37’s
DSC_0743 copy

Finishing this one off with this S190 GS460 with full Black Pearl Complete Diamond Series bodykit on Airrunner suspension and custom Hello Kitty airbrushed engine cover. Seriously, something else right here as far as rarity and money spent! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my Spocom coverage as much as I have had putting it all together.  Make sure to check back soon for what the upcoming weekend brings! (Hopefully Blox coverage and a few meets!)

Spocom Anaheim 2014 by Max Montague

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