Bryan’s New Wheels!

DSC_0871 copy
I feel pretty lucky to live so close to 714 Tires sometimes…Every now and then someone gives me the heads up they’re swinging by the shop to get their new wheels put on since it is easily the most ‘low friendly’ shop in town and there’s usually a stream of cars slowly bouncing in and out of their parking bay, mostly of the insanely low variety.  I highly suggest you follow their facebook feed if you aren’t already, just so you can see some of these guys manuvering up onto the alignment machine in the shop.
DSC_0838 copy
The purpose of my visit to 714 this morning was because my good friend Bryan was celebrating his birthday by getting some tires for his new step-lipped Infinitewerks SS01 in 18×9.5, finished of with shiny new 24k gold hardware.  He let me know he would be going into the shop a few days ahead and I couldn’t resist documenting the process.
DSC_0829 copy
Bryan is clearly a proud owner of his new SS01’s
DSC_0831 copy

DSC_0833 copy
The “Before” shot. For me, this was the first time I’ve seen Bryan’s car on stock wheels, but I still love how dumped it is.
DSC_0861 copy
DSC_0856 copy
DSC_0877 copy
After getting everything mounted up and balanced, it was only a matter of time before we got to see the final product.
DSC_0897 copy
Just a couple lug nuts to go!
DSC_0934 copy

As Bryan pulled the car out of the bay to wait for an alignment, it was pretty apparent the painstaking amount of pre-measuring and test-fitting was well worth the effort!
DSC_0977 copy
While we waited for the car to go through the alignment process we walked next door to get a few sodas from the gas station and in the process passed this jaw-droppingly aggressive WRX on Work VS-KF, we all paused to appreciate it.
DSC_0980 copy
Shortly after, we were back and ready to fully admire Bryan’s new shoes.
DSC_0946 copy
DSC_0983 copy
DSC_0968 copy
Can’t argue with those results! Much thanks go out to Bryan for inviting me over to share in this joyous occasion with him and to 714 for not caring that I was wandering around their shop snapping pictures of everything in sight. Go follow @its3uro on Instagram if you want to see more of Bryan’s sick Mazda3 and make sure you wish him Happy Birthday!!

Bryan’s New Wheels! by Max Montague

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