5.9.15 Extreme Dimensions 9th Annual Charity Show pt. 1

DSC_0940 copy

The Extreme Dimensions Annual Charity show is easily one of the best re-occurring free shows in Southern California and I try to make a point to make it every year as there’s always a great variety of cars and entertainment.  I came in with pretty high hopes from my experiences in previous years but I was not prepared for the volume that this year’s show brought!  The attendance appears to have at least doubled since last year and there was an even wider variety of vehicles, there really was something for everyone’s automotive tastes.  There’s definitely a real fight for attention out there and a few folks have taken to pretty drastic measures to stand out from the pack, some successful…..some less so.  The show itself was amazingly well organized for a free event that allows basically anyone in attendance to participate in the competition and the fact that the staff maintained such a positive and relaxed atmosphere amid a pretty large, potentially rowdy crowd was really impressive.

DSC_0951 copy
DSC_0963 copy

You can see what I mean here about taking new approaches to standing out from the crowd! While the fender treatment and wheel choice alone would have gotten my full attention, this owner chose to go with the additional hood vinyl and that decorative spoiler action happening out back. It was a conversation-starter for sure!DSC_0972 copy

DSC_0986 copy

DSC_0999 copy

DSC_1029 copy

DSC_1034 copy

DSC_1050 copy

DSC_1080 copy

DSC_1094 copy

DSC_1101 copy

DSC_1116 copy

DSC_1123 copy

DSC_1126 copy

DSC_1147 copy

DSC_1150 copy

DSC_1164 copy

DSC_1166 copy

DSC_1175 copy

DSC_1177 copy

DSC_1188 copy

DSC_1193 copy

DSC_1195 copy

At first blush this xB had my eyes bulging as it is the only ‘truckified’ version I have ever seen in person,

DSC_1197 copy


but on closer inspection of the interior and a few other areas a lot of details have been overlooked or possibly not yet addressed.  Like, the owner probably misses having their cup-holders after having them vinyl-wrapped over and it’s pretty easy to tell this car was previously a metallic lime-green, but the concept and impact of this little pickup is irrefutable.DSC_1214 copy

DSC_1223 copy

DSC_1232 copy

DSC_1239 copy

DSC_1244 copy

DSC_1246 copy

DSC_1254 copy

DSC_1278 copy

DSC_1291 copy

DSC_1314 copy

It doesn’t fully come across in the photo, but this WRX was pretty filthy compared to everything surrounding it.  Bringing a dirty WRX to a car show isn’t a new idea, but it still makes me smile every time I imagine one of these things doing donuts on a dirt side road as ‘show prep’.DSC_1326 copy

DSC_1332 copy

DSC_1360 copy

DSC_1363 copy

There were a few full race ready vehicles in attendance also.  It’s pretty enlightening to see what a ‘real’ race car looks like parked five feet away from somebody’s garage-built street beater.DSC_1381 copy

DSC_1738 copy

DSC_1743 copy

The 2015 Mustang GT.  Whoever designed this thing needs to get hired by a few more American automotive companies because this thing is just sexy.  I don’t even care when I get cut off by them because it means I can stare at their rear-ends without craning my neck. I could go on…DSC_1391 copy

DSC_1400 copy

DSC_1406 copy

DSC_1427 copy

DSC_1428 copy

DSC_1434 copy

DSC_1442 copyI’ll leave you with something that really stood out from the pack, this ’68 Camaro on BBS LM.  Much, much more coming in part 2!

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