Spocom Anaheim 2014 pt. 1

This was my first year attending the Spocom show, held in the Anaheim Convention Center…in Anaheim.  I have to say I was not the least bit disappointed with the quality or sheer number of cars in attendance, because there certainly were PLENTY, but I must have shown up at the wrong time or maybe I just wasn’t properly prepared because I was struggling the entire time to get usable shots both outside and inside due to some gnarly lighting concerns that were honestly out of anyone’s direct control.  I really should have brought a tripod for the indoor shots, a lesson that would be drilled into me throughout the day as I was shooting exposures that were waaay too long for my caffeine-addled hands to keep still on a regular basis, and outdoors the combination of direct sunlight and shade made getting clean shots of everyone posted up out front equally difficult.  As if that weren’t enough to contend with, there was a protester (or two, I didn’t get close enough to them to find out) with a bullhorn screaming at everyone that the proceeds of the show were going to fund al-qaeda, among other statements designed to incite people’s tempers.  Basically, I was laughing so hard at all the B.S. coming out of this guy’s mouth it was hard to get a steady shot!  I was honestly proud of everyone attending the show because I KNOW there were at least a handful of people about to give this guy their opinion of him via their fists, but everyone restrained themselves and interacted with this jerk in peaceful, mostly non-offensive ways (I definitely heard a few f*ck-off’s, but hey, they were deserved).  With all of this going on, it was still a great show that I definitely plan on attending next year and honestly, what’s going to shoot a show without a little challenge, right?

Anyway, here is part 1 of my coverage of Spocom 14, which will focus on what was just outside the convention center itself before the ticket booth and everything.  It was a cool idea to have a big group of cars out front because if you didn’t know there was a huge car show going on, there was really no other way to know about it since there weren’t exactly huge banners flying out in front of Disneyland.  I heard a few owners complaining about being put outside of the show itself as if it were some form of disrespect, but I feel like it’s the complete opposite to be outside enticing people to come in!  Not only that, but the guys out front had considerably better lighting and backgrounds for photographers!  Since I have SO many shots from this show, I’ll be brief with my words for the remainder of this post, enjoy!

DSC_0113 copy 

Walking from the parking structure up to the entrance of the convention center…DSC_0256 copy

The welcoming committee of about 30 cars lined up out front.

DSC_0138 copy

DSC_0151 copy

DSC_0153 copy

DSC_0157 copy

DSC_0158 copy

DSC_0177 copy

DSC_0181 copy

DSC_0185 copy

DSC_0194 copy

I think a lot of people walked right by this ISF and didn’t notice the painted carbon fenders and hood, such a nice subtle touch.DSC_0210 copy

DSC_0226 copy

DSC_0233 copy

DSC_0249 copy

DSC_0250 copy

DSC_0252 copy


I got a chance to chat with the owner of this unique ‘apocalypse-style’ Z for a bit, super cool guy with an obvious sense of style! I sounds like there are a few more finishing touches to be added to this beast before he attempts the world speed record for the chassis, I guess he’ll be putting all that custom aero to good use!

DSC_0264 copy

DSC_0268 copy


Yes, this is the same RSX with different colored Gram Lights on either side. I’d say both have about the same visual impact, I can see why the owner couldn’t decide!DSC_0278 copy


This slammed Aimgain-kitted FRS was definitely the most photogenic car out front, it also has bronze three-piece Work Meisters which are an express train straight to my heart.DSC_0293 copy

This little guy is the last thing I saw before I entered the howling, gaping maw that was the entrance to the show itself.  I would emerge three hours later sweaty, thirsty, and half-deaf but smiling despite it all. Stay tuned!

Spocom Anaheim 2014 by Max Montague


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