Norm Reeves Honda 9th Annual Car Show pt. 2

It’s been a couple weeks since the event and I’ve been slacking a bit, so I figured I should get the rest of my shots from Norm Reeves up on the site before they get overshadowed by the next few week’s upcoming events.  After meeting up with a few friends at the show and running into a few unexpected acquaintances, I got to work checking out the back-half of the show.Image


The 1,000+ horsepower turbo V6 Odyssey burnout machine built by Bisimoto EngineeringImageImageImage

This widened and flared NSX was coated in a crazy glitter paint that was tough to capture with a camera, definitely one of those things that has significantly more impact when seen in person.  This is one of the most wildly modified NSX’s I’ve seen in a while in terms of custom work applied to it, plus I’m a sucker for Weds Kranze on basically everything.ImageImageImageImage

I love finding these little details that give you an insight to the owner’s personalityImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

The shaved, K-swapped, RHD civic of Downstar Inc.ImageImage

Love the green/white/blue color combo ImageOn my way out I spotted my fellow SoCal Fit buddy Genji’s GE Fit, note the completely blacked-out front and rear side windows! I honestly don’t know how he drives it like that, I feel like my Fit’s blindspots were pretty crazy until I got my wink mirror…  Well that wraps up part two of my Norm Reeves coverage, remember you can always check out the rest of my photos that I didn’t post here over on my flickr page!

Norm Reeves Honda 9th Annual Car Show by Max Montague


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