Lot Lizarding at Wekfest pt. 2

Today we resume where I left off before to finish up my shots from the Wekfest parking lot!  We return to the sun-soaked pavement surrounding Long Beach’s Queen Mary to take a peek at the show outside the show.


I love the look of the Vertex kit for the FR-S, definitely a more subtle approach than the more ubiquitous Rocket Bunny additions and paint-matched window visors are a nice touch.


This MR-2 really shows what a set of well-fit wheels, a lip, a wing, and nice drop can do for the looks department.  Front tow hook as a jack point?


Oh, you know, just the fender slipped between lip and tire on my daily driver, no biggie.



This A8 squatted over a set of massive mirrored MRR HR3’s and was stopping foot traffic constantly.ImageImage

Looks like this Q45 is just wheels and some fender work away from a truly demonic setup.ImageImage

Static Hawkeye on a set of WatercooledIND cc10’s in the soon-to-be-discontinued 18″ variety.Image

Another Subie with some cool touches, I’m a bit of a sucker for extended piping and carbon sideskirts.Image



I love seeing other modified Fits in the wild, especially when I recognize the owners!Image

Meanwhile more and more bagged cars full of friends continued to roll into the lot.ImageImageImageImage

Many have fallen in love with the boxy simplicity that is the E30 BMW, and I am one.ImageImage

More and more XV40 Camrys have been popping up at meets of late, it’ll be interesting to see where some of these end up…Image

MX32 Cressida slammed on old-school 3-piece wheels, Japanese turikawa for the back seats, and fender mirrors for that sweet, sweet kyusha style.ImageThis was my last snap I took before my position in line finally brought me to the entrance, I really like the look of a highly modified car in an otherwise totally normal parking lot, it just gives it so much more pop!

Wekfest Long Beach Parking Lot Coverage by Max Montague

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