Extreme Dimensions 8th Annual Charity Car Show

Today I had the opportunity to make it out to Cars & Coffee in Irvine from 6 AM until 9 (more on that in a later post) and had gone home for a short nap before heading over to Fullerton for Extreme Dimension’s 8th Charity Car Show that is free to participate in and hosts a raffle with various pieces of Extreme Dimensions bodywork to be had for prizes.  I was far too busy to wait and listen to raffle numbers being read off however, I had TONS of cars to pick through and shoot!

ImageImageI was immediately greeted by this threateningly squatted blob-eye WRX that looked like it was ready for some serious track abuse.

ImageI have a feeling this guy gets cut off a lot less often than I do…ImageImageAlmost factory-like overfenders look right at home on this Avant wagon.ImageImageImageThis bagged 22R extended-cab pickup was one of my favorite things I saw at the show, mostly because it’s exactly like mine! Mine doesn’t have a Weber carb, super deep Centerlines, MR-2 seats, and a Tom’s Racing steering wheel like this one does though!ImageImageOnce again I ran into Chris’s bagged 9th gen Accord on Avant Garde F131 but missed meeting the man himself!ImageIn a sea of more modern Japanese and Euro imports, this pinstriped hot-rod Beetle stuck out in the right way. This is proof that getting paint just the right color and amount of metallic really goes a long way.

ImageImageImageBagged and aggressively wide-bodied imports were everywhere!ImageEasy way to get eyes on your car no matter what? Can’t go wrong with boobs!ImageImageSince meeting Justin at a recent meet, his VIP tC has been EVERYwhere!  Understandably so though as this recently finished project is all custom from the all-metal fenders to the Land Rover hood vents.ImageFor some reason the grill on this xB freaked me out in a good way, there’s something about completely blocking off an area that you usually expect a high volume of air to flow through that messed with my brain. Plus, fender mirrors.ImageImageImageYes, that IS Woody casually reclining against this Audi looking like he just bagged it himself.Image

ImageImageImageImageIt’s always great to run into my old Fit buddies, especially a couple of GD’s sporting turbos that transform these little grocery-getters into unsuspecting terrors!

ImageImageImageAt one point we all had to pause our conversations to watch this gnarly S14 creep and scrape over a few speed-bumps.ImageImageImageImageThe CTS-V wagon: for when you need to get your kids to school in a REAL hurry the 6.2L Supercharged V8 is the powerplant for you!ImageImageImageImageTalk about wiiiiiiide, the 350Z chassis seems to be one that lends itself well to the ultra wide, ultra low approach.ImageImageImageImageImageThis minty LS cares not for your opinions, it’s all about fun!ImageImageImageImageImageGoing to wrap it up with this pair of S2K’s ripping their way out of the parking lot, be back soon with some Cars & Coffee craziness!

 Extreme Dimensions 8th Annual Charity Car Show by Max Montague

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