FT-1 at Cars & Coffee Irvine

Before hitting up the Extreme Dimensions show this past Saturday, I also woke up at the crack of 5 to brave the crowds and check out Toyota’s new FT-1, designed by California-based Calty design studio (who recently worked on the FT-HS, and Lexus LF-LC).  “FT” to stand for “Future Toyota” and “1” to represent “the ultimate”.Image


Inside the cockpit the driver is greeted with an F-1 style wheel and a heads-up display that projects crucial data above the wheel so you never have to lose focus hitting that apex!Image

The wraparound look of the windshield and side window styling is a cool homage to Toyota’s classic 2000GT. ImageImage

If the FR-S and now the FT-1 have not made it clear enough, Toyota is serious about creating more and more exciting products for passionate consumers!

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