Negative Stance X Rubbin’ Pavements Summer Meet

A couple of weeks ago I got a random facebook invite to check out the Negative Stance X Rubbin’ Pavements meet, held in Huntington Beach.  Usually I end up driving up and down an assortment of freeways and unknown streets to make it to a good meet that meets all the essentials: good lot, well lit, good cars, won’t get busted for people driving stupidly, but to my surprise this was being held about 3 miles from my house!DSC_7437 copy

DSC_7905 copy DSC_7902 copy

This tC was definitely a highlight of the show for me, I love the look of the custom metal fenders and the paint and pin-striping was perfectly selected.  I got a chance to speak with the owner for a bit and found out this was essentially the first time he had brought it out and it was unsurprisingly a huge hit.

DSC_7472 copyRight next door was another tC of the more recent variety, but with a similar approach.DSC_7897 copy

Static Clubman Mini Cooper on ESM R56, I’ve always enjoyed how low minis like this can be driven day-to-day because of their short snouts.DSC_7887 copyDSC_7886 copyOne of many contestants to participate in the popular ‘ice bucket challenge’ where someone gets challenged to get drenched by a bucket of icy water within  24 hours or they must donate $100 to a charity.DSC_7856 copyDSC_7899 copyLove all the fab work on these camber trikes and the details like the front disc brake and shock/spring setup.DSC_7792 copyPerfectly fit bright gold VIP Modular VX110’s really pop on this civic.DSC_7763 copy DSC_7724 copy DSC_7715 copy DSC_7712 copyI don’t think my dishes even get this clean in my dishwasher.DSC_7699 copyDSC_7676 copy DSC_7649 copy DSC_7646 copyOnce again ran into this incredibly aggressive Camry from Pure VIPDSC_7645 copyDSC_7686 copyDSC_7692 copy DSC_7632 copy DSC_7628 copyDSC_7570 copy DSC_7598 copyStyle points for color-matched gold plating on your SSR Viennas and Nardi wheel DSC_7563 copy DSC_7559 copyThere were plenty of seriously baller LS430’s on display as well.DSC_7532 copy DSC_7515 copyGonna close it out with a couple more shots of Justin’s VIP tC.DSC_7501 copy DSC_7478 copy


Negative Stance x Rubbin’ Pavements Summer Meet by Max Montague

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