Norm Reeves Honda 9th Annual Car Show pt. 1

When you hear that a local car dealership is hosting a car show, you might not expect a sea of some of the most heavily modified Hondas in Southern California, but you would be wrong my friend! Norm Reeves Honda Performance Hosted their yearly show for the 9th time last Saturday and I made sure I wasn’t going to miss it, the last two years I have attended and really enjoyed the quality of cars and the laid-back atmosphere of this show.  It’s also a great place to meet and chat with other owners since the majority of the people attending the show are the owners themselves!Image


After finding myself a highly-coveted shady parking spot, I took a stroll past all the cars parked in attendance for the show. The biggest standout being Mike Mao’s matte red wrapped NSX, looking like a visitor in a strange land parked curbside.


I also ran into this nicely sitting GS300, might not wanna park there for too long dude…


This bagged Mugen RSX was parked right at the entrance to greet everyone with it’s cheerful smileImageImageImage

This BB2 Prelude was immaculate! It also marked my first encounter with ARC parts, which seemed like a popular choice for a number of other cars at the show.ImageImage

See what I mean? It’s not too often you get to see many of these in person, let alone a bay full.Image

Crazy static squat on dcbucio‘s RSXImageImageImage

‘Chief’s “Darth Raider” ARC-filled Element on 10-spoke DPE wheels is a constant award winnerImage

Closeup of Cheif’s DPE’sImageImage

Gmayhem‘s sick ‘S2KILLIN’ S2000 featuring tons of shiny gold accentsImageImageImage

Love the ITB setup on this sick Spoon-kitted Laguna Seca Blue S2000, this guy also has a 232cc powered Ruckus! Must have something to do with that Drow Sports sticker on the windshield…ImageImage

This Ruckus, brought out by Downstar Inc was also built by Drow.  I’ve been a huge fan of these little scooters ever since a friend of mine ditched his car to use one as his main mode of transportation.  While the wisdom of that decision might have been questionable, it introduced me to the fun you can have on these things which ultimately led me to getting my motorcycle license.  While a 49cc scooter isn’t exactly exhilarating, the thought of a GY6 bored out to almost 250cc’s sounds like you could have some fun!Image

Once again ran into Chris and his 9th gen Accord over at the Avant Garde booth, that would be him posing in the background.


Wrapping up today with this K-swapped, supercharged eg civic with full BRIDE-wrapped interior on 15-inch TE37SL’s. Stay tuned for part 2!


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