Cars & Coffee 12.6.14

DSC_6503 copy

Little did I know, this was to be my last Cars & Coffee I would attend in Irvine. I won’t get into the details of why the weekly meet was cancelled indefinitely, but long-story-short the meet was suddenly and unequivocally banned. That being said, I’m very glad I went and it turned out to be a pretty great finale for me. I got to see a few of my favorites, like that chopped/mid-engine/blown Chevy G10 van and the Olds Ninety-Eight, and a few new ones, like the Ford-powered salt flat racer! There will be a serious hole to fill in my yearly car-meet schedule that can never be replaced, but I have word on a few other nearby early morning classic car meets I still need to check out.

DSC_6617 copy

The SlimsFab Chevy G10 is powered by a blown, mid-mounted Chrysler 440 and is everything I love about going to cars & coffee, I would only ever expect to see something like this sitting at my desk hacking plastic models apart.

DSC_6511 copy

DSC_6517 copy

DSC_6518 copy

DSC_6534 copy

DSC_6548 copy

One doesn’t often get to see a first-gen SA22C RX-7 cruising around, let alone one well down the road to the full kyusha/boso/whatever-you-want-to-call the American imitation of old-school Japanese styling. I love the extra-wide low-down look and the venting on the front valence is full ‘street-shark’.

DSC_6561 copy

DSC_6569 copy

One of the ongoing themes at C&C seems to be cramming a giant American V8 into whatever seems most comical to the owner. This beetle has got to be the best example of one such owner, the fact that they retained the flower vase is one particularly fantastic detail!

DSC_6583 copy

DSC_6580 copy

DSC_6636 copy

DSC_6691 copy

DSC_6714 copy

DSC_6739 copy

DSC_6729 copy

DSC_6733 copy

DSC_6763 copy

DSC_6771 copy

DSC_6805 copy

DSC_6817 copy

DSC_6793 copy

DSC_6788 copy

DSC_6865 copy

DSC_6893 copy

DSC_6901 copy

DSC_6909 copy

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