IT’SJDMYO Toy Drive 12.6.14

DSC_7025 copy

Just in time to take advantage of the season, ‘ITSJDMYO’ hosted a toy drive alongside a car meet to help out those in need as well as displaying a decent amount of cool cars, mostly built by local shops but with a few nearby personalities finding their way by to check out the scene. This was my first time seeing the ‘tic-tac e36’ in person and it is quite the head-turner, even if it’s sort of counter intuitive to bag a motorsport-themed car, the colors and overall aggressiveness of the ride height play nicely off the boxiness of what’s left of the original chassis. December is a great time around here for meets and everyone seems to be looking for excuses to get together on their time off to check out progress on each other’s cars and what they have planned for next year!

DSC_7016 copy

DSC_7036 copy

DSC_7062 copy

DSC_7052 copy

DSC_7082 copy

DSC_7089 copy

DSC_7110 copy

DSC_7123 copy

DSC_7145 copy

DSC_7204 copy

DSC_7183 copy

DSC_7190 copy

DSC_7192 copy

DSC_7201 copy

DSC_7207 copy

DSC_7264 copy

DSC_7269 copy

DSC_7275 copy

DSC_7244 copy

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