Snapshots: ’51 Ninety Eight

DSC_6691 copy

Well, since I don’t know if I’ll ever see this car again since cars & coffee Irvine has been cancelled, here are a few snapshots of one of my favorite regular attendees: a ’51 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight (have fun googling that!) in full rat-rod effect. I love this car. From the bullet (looking?) holes in the passenger door to the bart doll in the rear window, this thing is full of perfectly matched details. Interior? Well, there’s a handfull of gauges, an animal-print covered bench seat, and an old-school Mooneyes tach, one of many Mooneyes touches throughout. Hopefully someday I can meet the owner and shake their hand!

DSC_6662 copy

DSC_6669 copy

DSC_6682 copy

DSC_6673 copy

DSC_6675 copy

DSC_6686 copy

DSC_6655 copy

DSC_6703 copy

DSC_6699 copy

DSC_6705 copy

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