Big Bang Meets: Brea 1.5.15

DSC_7292 copy

The time had come again to attend one of the many local parking lot meets hosted by “TheBigBangMeets” that rove around the general Southern California area, filling unsuspecting shopping center parking lots with a slew of modified local(ish) rides.  It’s always a good night when I run into my buddy Nick and his imported (read ‘real’) RHD FD3S RX-7 in the archetypal Competition Yellow Mica Tri-Coat and have a chat with him.  After we caught up a bit we headed over to the other blue RX-7 at the meet and I pretty much lost him from there on…  I really enjoyed this one as it was a real mish-mash of styles and automotive genres and brought out a number of really cool cars with parts you don’t get to see very often at shows in the area, let alone on the street!  With these local meets there every now and then someone feels a deep need for attention from strangers and does the burnout/bang on the rev limiter/speeding in the parking lot thing, and this night was to be one of those nights.  I decided to leave before the entire local police station showed up, but managed to run into something pretty special before I went…

DSC_7285 copy

DSC_7286 copy

DSC_7293 copy

DSC_7297 copy

DSC_7306 copy

DSC_7311 copy

DSC_7324 copy

DSC_7327 copy

DSC_7332 copy

DSC_7335 copy

DSC_7338 copy

DSC_7342 copy

DSC_7346 copy

DSC_7347 copy

DSC_7348 copy

DSC_7354 copy

DSC_7363 copy

DSC_7366 copy

DSC_7371 copy

DSC_7373 copy

DSC_7376 copy

DSC_7378 copy

DSC_7383 copy

DSC_7389 copy

DSC_7393 copy

I had planned to wrap up with this sweet track-ready, supercharged(?) CRZ, but while walking back to my truck I spotted something I did not expect to park behind me.

DSC_7410 copy

Yup, an RB-powered C110 Kenmeri Skyline. It turns out this is the same on I had seen at the Mighty Car Mods LA Meet about 7 months ago (it was white then).  This thing is BEYOND gorgeous in person and I have dedicated an entire upcoming post to my shots of it.  Be prepared to see a LOT of photos of this thing all over the internet this year.

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