Guppy Tea House Meet 3.7.15

DSC_8517 copy

This past Saturday I was really hurting to attend a car meet, but none of my local early-morning weekend spots were hosting anything.  Since there was no way I was going to continue my streak of car-less weekends, I gassed up the Fit and headed out to West Covina to the Dayuum & Autofashion USA hosted Guppy Tea House Meet.  I really did not know what to expect since I had never made the trek out before, but considering the hosts I figured there would at least be a few decent sponsored vehicles and I knew that there would be some RC Drifting as well.  When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to see a few familiar builds parked throughout the lot, with a really sweet little RC drift course set up right in front of Guppy Tea House.  I was really wishing I had brought my own little RC AE86 that day… those guys were really having fun throwing their cars around all the sweepers to line up shots for me! There was also a really cool old 1600 TE21 Corolla that was in beautiful shape that had a crowd around it for a good amount of the time I was there.  I finally received my 3D gimbal for my gopro in the mail from Taiwan recently and had the opportunity to walk around the show with it a bit and get some practice in… I’m definitely excited at its potential!  As for the meet…I know what I’m doing the next Saturday morning I’m feeling bored!

DSC_8520 copy

DSC_8537 copy

DSC_8563 copy

DSC_8566 copy

DSC_8579 copy

DSC_8585 copy

DSC_8596 copy

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DSC_8731 copy

DSC_8745 copy

DSC_8747 copy

DSC_8750 copy

DSC_8760 copy

DSC_8774 copy

DSC_8776 copy

DSC_8779 copy

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DSC_8795 copy

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Guppy Tea House Meet 3.7.15 by Max Montague

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