MFest 2.7.15

DSC_8058 copy

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to see when I showed up to the first ‘MFest’ of the year, but I was most certainly NOT disappointed! While there was the expected slew of beat-on E30’s with replica BBS mesh, there were all kinds of high-price modified vehicles to suit almost any taste.Besides the Slek full-carbon widebody Z4 pictured above I finally got to witness and hear something I’ve wanted to experience in person for a while now: the Six Sigma Auto chrome-blue rocketbunny NSX in motion as it rolled into the meet.  I must say that thing looks even more impressive in motion! Although I didn’t get to stay nearly as long as I wanted to, I really enjoyed my first toe-dip into MFest and can’t wait for the next one, especially that Jarritos truck….

DSC_8054 copy

DSC_8069 copy

DSC_8075 copy

DSC_8089 copy

DSC_8119 copy

DSC_8125 copy

DSC_8130 copy

DSC_8137 copy

DSC_8143 copy

DSC_8157 copy

DSC_8167 copy

DSC_8172 copy

DSC_8174 copy

DSC_8186 copy

DSC_8194 copy

DSC_8198 copy

DSC_8226 copy

DSC_8229 copy

DSC_8234 copy

DSC_8265 copy

DSC_8268 copy


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