Boden Autohaus x Toyo Tires x Super Street Meet 1.17.15 pt. 1

DSC_7463 copy

Boden Autohaus, Super Street and Toyo Tires got together to hold quite the meet and brought a really amazing array of vehicles to display.  The crown jewel that was nearly constantly surrounded was the newly released and immediately Rocket-Bunnied Lexus RC F, which looks pretty dang spectacular in my opinion! There were also a couple of RWB Porsches in the mix which were really cool to finally see in person, the mix of extreme widening with the subtlety of color choice and aero (for the most part) is a nice break from all the crazy chrome wraps and carbon canards that are becoming more and more popular.  I’m breaking this coverage up into two posts because there was just soooo much great stuff I saw that day, enjoy part 1!

DSC_7444 copy

DSC_7452 copy

DSC_7457 copy

DSC_7473 copy

DSC_7492 copy


DSC_7506 copy

DSC_7523 copy

DSC_7526 copy

DSC_7536 copy

DSC_7559 copy

DSC_7569 copy

DSC_7585 copy

DSC_7595 copy

DSC_7599 copy

DSC_7622 copy

DSC_7613 copy

DSC_7602 copy

DSC_7606 copy

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