Dai Yoshihara BRZ reveal pt. 2

It’s been a while since my last update, but I’ve finally gotten some free time to gather some of my favorite shots of the turnout for Dai’s reveal of his 2014 Formula Drift BRZ at the Fatlace headquarters in Costa Mesa. I try to regularly attend their monthly Slammed Sundays meet they hold because it always draws an eclectic crowd of enthusiasts and you’ll see something new and crazy every month.

One of the first cars I always stop at is Chris’ 8th gen Accord fitted with Airrunner bags and Avant Garde M510.

The Kyoei 2010 Lexus LS460 the built for SEMA last year with a full Aimgain Pure VIP kit, Aimgain G-Luxe wheels, and Airrunner bag setup. I love how subtle the kit is on this car and how well it fits in with the rest of the body lines. It seems like VIP cars are starting to trend towards a more ‘aggressive’ or ‘sporty’ look these days that is moving away from the traditional subdued style that drew me to them in the first place. I always felt like the perfect ‘Bippu’ ride was so gangster and baller that they didn’t need to be wildly ostentatious to grab your attention, they knew how badass their ride was and had no use for excess attention. With the recent upsurge of wild body kits and insane oni-camber, the Kyoei builds are a refreshing take on the beauty of subtlety and clean execution.


Over at the complete opposite of the spectrum was this mid-engined, 4.6L V8-powered Hyundai Genesis from Rhys Millen Racing aka the RM460. Built as a SEMA car, this Genesis drew a huge crowd of bystanders to oogle at the 500HP motor squeezed where the rear passengers normally reside. The RMR signature series body kit, 20″ HRE 560’s, and custom paint certainly didn’t hurt either! Hopefully this car will be used for more than just promos and shows though, personally I’d love to see it getting sideways in Long Beach or Buttonwillow!

The Corolla seems to be gaining popularity among the Southern California ‘stance’ community, most likely due to their low cost of entry and the prevalence of clean examples like this one here. Sadly most are rocking XXR knock-offs like this one here and do a disservice to the potential of the chassis with the addition of these bright fakes.

Expect to see a lot of this Vinyl wrapped BMW F30 328i on copper Rotiform TMB at the show circuit this year, it ticks a lot of boxes for most folks and everyone always freaks out over a female-owned vehicle for whatever reason. Personally the car itself is cool enough!

Really liked this candid shot of a couple guys drifting their rc cars around the Fatlace lot, I think it encapsulates the day pretty well: sunshine, cool friends, and a general laid-back and relaxed attitude. I’d like to thank the Illest guys for hosting and Dai for bringing out his new BRZ so we all had a reason to hang out!

Dai Yoshihara BRZ Reveal by Max Montague

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