Dai Yoshihara debuts his 2014 BRZ!


Any event over at the Costa Mesta Fatlace paddock is sure to draw a decent crowd, and the unveiling of Dai Yoshihara’s new BRZ for the 2014 Formula Drift season did not disappoint. But I’ll get to the other local hard-parkers in a later post, for now let’s focus on the main event: Dai’s spankin’ new Rocket Bunny-clad Falken BRZ!


The trailer pulled into a nearby closed tire shop to unload its precious cargo.


Dai’s BRZ sees public eyes for the first time!


The newly-formed crowd started to disperse at he started it up and revved into lopey goodness….and promptly cut-out! While the motor sounded great it seemed like there might still be a few issues to work out as it died four or five more times as it left the lot.


Definitely no scrape leaving the lot for Dai! That FR-S across the street looks, on the other hand, like it would have had a little tougher time of it!



It’s tough to beat the sight of a professional drift car planted at a stop sign on a regular street.


Dai got out to pose and sign autographs with his fans, I snapped a few shots and moved on to check out what the onlookers had brought themselves in!


Dai Yoshihara debuts his 2014 BRZ! by Max Montague

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