88 Rotors Meet 10/27/14

DSC_5522 copy

Continuing with getting some older coverage up we go back in time to October ’14 to when 88 Rotors hosted a surprisingly well-attended meet at their warehouse in El Monte. It was my first trip out to a meet in my newly acquired ’86 Toyota pickup and I was pretty excited to run into my friend Jordan who has been showing his ’85 ‘yota recently and is constantly tweaking and changing things, always a cool ride to run into… Not to mention he’s rocking a Hobbaswaggle sticker!

DSC_5650 copy

DSC_5713 copy

DSC_5724 copy

DSC_5740 copy

Seriously flattered Jordan rocks a sticker, thank you sir.

DSC_5792 copy


DSC_5535 copy

DSC_5995 copy

DSC_5520 copy

DSC_5539 copy

DSC_5585 copy

DSC_5630 copy

DSC_5793 copy

DSC_5831 copy

DSC_5931 copy

DSC_5971 copy

DSC_5990 copy

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